The Virus Diary – Day 212 – Second wave or not?

Let the eyes speak for you 😀

That’s the question on everybody’s lips everywhere. Some countries seem like they have never been over the first wave, and some have clearly entered the second wave phase already. I suppose Finland is tiptoeing on the rope not sure on which side to fall. We would need to be able to contain the ”R factor” lower than 1 meaning around 30 cases a day (if I remember correct), but since the beginning of August we have been breaching the limit continuously which indicates that we are entering the ”second wave”.

Based on all the above the government now recommends everyone to use a face mask in public transport and potentially crowded spaces where you cannot keep the recommended distance from other people. They also recommend again for everyone to work from home so the ”not working from home” lasted only less than two weeks.

The news of recommendation to work home does not really change anything for me as I will continue working from home anyway for the rest of the year at least. I have grown to accept and live with it already and I don’t even miss the office. I do miss people and getting together with people and it’s been so great to be able to do that with family and friends during the summer. It was especially a relief that I was able to attend my grandfathers funeral as he passed away during the summer (not corona related).

Schools start

Enjoying holiday on the beach . Had perfect weather!

At the same time as the situation already began to get worse, also the schools started so more people travelling and interacting with each other on a daily basis. I for once have no other choice than to take public transport when I take my youngest to school. She started in first grade just last week meaning no more dropping children to daycare for me after 17 years! When you put it like that it seems like forever, but in the end it’s not. So we have tried various other methods to get there, but public transport just makes most sense, and with the mask recommendation and me also wearing one, I don’t feel that paranoid as I did before.

I think people are starting to take the recommendation more seriously by the day and I can see more and more masks. I think we all want to avoid this from blowing again into our face and that we don’t need to go into partial lock down again like we did during the spring. It is in everybody’s benefit to keep the community running.

We need the jobs, we need BAU!

What next?

So what will happen after the second wave? A third wave? A fourth wave? I am happy to see that many companies have adopted this new way of running business and to them this hassle with sanitizers and precautions have become business as usual.

Since we do not have knowledge of the exact length of this situation it makes sense to start running your business around the fact that The Virus will be among us for an indefinite future so you might as well learn to co-exist with it.

So I suppose that is where we are headed, a life with this virus as a part of our lives just like all the other ones before it. It will make though permanent changes to how we perceive things, how we work and how we interact with each other. For example it was really hard to learn not to shake hands when you meet someone new and introduce yourself. It was a bit awkward actually at first I admit. You did not know quite what to do or how to be.

Nowadays I use the Aussie tactic so I speak to strangers 😉 But should there maybe be some rules around this too? Like who talks first just like you have with shaking hands? I suppose this is all yet to come. One thing I am pretty sure about is that shaking hands is probably history, but hugs will never be <3 ( trust me I have hugged so many people when we finally could!)

How am I coping?

One music project I was working on with a colleague

Good question. Spring was tough, summer a bit easier and now it’s getting better all the time. I have found other ways to keep myself busy with the leg being useless. I have had a few singing projects and multiple different tv/movie productions. So when you are not able to travel what do you do on your holiday… well work of course in something you love like music and modelling!

It has been so great to be able to soak into something completely different from family chores every now and then. I can say that it has been one of the most exiting summers of my life. I have found a way to channel my energy to something else and discovered that actually I want to keep doing these movie/tv productions and modelling in some form in the future. I will find a way to educate myself and get better at it. I already had my first bit part (part with talking) on a series so small steps!

BUT it’s been tough no doubt about it, and everyone I have spoken to have had the same feeling. Spring was very tough and summer a bit easier. We are coping , we are adapting and tomorrow will come, again.

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Training Jul/20 – Finally back to gym!

I cannot even start to express how grateful I am that finally there has been some progress on the healing and I have been able to train (a bit) without any pain on my left knee. I think it was around mid July when there was a clear change.

I was getting fairly desperate with the pain since there was still inflammation on the left side of my left knee, but a bit different spot than previously in early March 2020. I could even pinpoint the spot, but had no idea how long it would take to heal. I was able to do short walks and short runs, but could not do any proper leg training yet. I spoke to my sister and she suggested that maybe try ginger and turmeric/curcumin since they might help with inflammation. I thought that I have nothing to lose as I cannot take the anti-inflammatory drugs anyway, so why not give it a try. Local Lidl grocery store right next door happens to have a Ginger-Turmeric drink so been drinking those every now and then and you know what, the pain is gone!

Not sure if time did its thing or was it the ginger-turmeric drink or just me deciding to stop whining and ”get back to it” -attitude that caused the change, but yes I am able to train again and the pain has not come back even if I do!

The amount of foam rolling and stretching I have done is bound to have some sort of effect also since my legs are not as ”stiff as a log” anymore. What I have though noticed these past few times I’ve been to the gym is that there is a clear imbalance between the right and left side of my body. So my body is weaker from the left side and maybe this is due to having been a bit careful because of the leg for a while now or due to losing about 16 kilos of weight causing the point of gravity to change or something else, but it’s clear that the imbalance has probably caused the inflammation in the first place and it needs to be addressed (and the doctor agrees that yes all of the mentioned above could cause this).

So I have been doing a few runs , 3 kilometer trail run, 4 kilometer hike and I have been back to the gym. I know the amounts seem like peanuts and was just thinking that how on earth did I a year ago climb 500 m for ”evening walk” and do 22 kilometer hikes. Well that was then and this is the reality now that I need to live with. At least I know what I am capable of which is kind of comforting. Anyway thinking about the imbalance and reading about IT band inflammation and talking to various people who know more about these kinds of things I now have a goal and…

I finally have a training plan again, wohou!

Training plan (weekly)

Total July

Total in July is something to marvel looking at June for example. No doubt there is progress and I am so happy there is! Week 27 ad 28 was still a bit testing, but in week 29 there was a clear change in the winds… So I will be moving to more regular training updates probably as there is something happening again <3

  • Running 9 kilometers
  • Walking 12 kilometers
  • Hiking 4 kilometers
  • Trail running 3 kilometers
  • Core class 1
  • Gym 2 times

Week 27

  • 1 walk 2,1 kilometers
  • 1 gym training

Week 28

  • 1 walk 2,8 kilometers

Week 29

  • 1 hike 4 kilometers (yes in the forest for the first time in ages <3 )
  • 1 run 4,5 kilometers (yes running!!!)
  • 1 walk 2 kilometers

Week 30

(decided to take it easy because previous week was a lot of exercise compared to past 4 months)

  • 1 core class
  • 1 walk 3,2 kilometers

Week 31 of July

I’m back! Well close to it. Yay!

  • 1 times Gym
  • 1 run 1,7 kilometers
  • 1 trail run 3 kilometers
  • 1 walk 1,7 kilometers

I truly hope I can keep up some sort of regularity with training now and look forward to being able to be more outdoors and especially going to the forest again. Let’s see how covid-19 restrictions change after summer, but luckily in Finland there is so much empty space in the forest that they cannot deny us that as all the social distancing regulations can be easily kept there 🙂

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