The Virus Diary – Month 14 – Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s been so many months since we hit the second wave here in Finland. First we thought that things were getting better but then we quickly noticed that it was actually getting worse. Case amounts rose steadily to amounts higher than ever during the pandemic early this year.

Me and my daughter on a picnic. At least you can enjoy the nature!

So that meant more drastic measures were put in place and we were in partial lock-down for the past 7 weeks .For us here in Finland lock-down means that everything is pretty much closed or on hold. So no indoor sports, no singing, no dancing, no movies, no social gatherings. Although it sounds quite negative it’s really isn’t that in the end as we do get to go out in the nature. Finland is so scarcely populated.

We have been in this situation before last year same time when the pandemic began. Then everything was new we had no idea what was going to happen and we were scared and afraid even. Now I feel like ”we know the drill” already so repeat, repeat, repeat until you get the desired result. The desired result here being zero cases. So if this is wave 2 it makes you wonder how many more waves we still have ahead of us?

The second wave has actually been worse in case numbers probably due to more testing. So it is likely that once we get this second wave in control and loosen up the restrictions a little bit we’re going to hit the third wave at some point. Or maybe if we get everyone vaccinated quickly enough it won’t be that bad?

It is not the end

Whatever the case there is not end to this ”different time” time in the near future. We are given some positive news about vaccinations progressing, but the reality is that the virus is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere and we need to find ways to live with it on a more permanent basis instead of these constant restrictions and changes to our lives.

I think that may have been one reason why the Finnish Government made the decision they did this week to start easing the covid restrictions slowly. Naturally for this plan to go forward we will need to keep the figures down to level they are not. In any case it’s a positive sign that we are heading to the right direction.

Social distancing

I have been trying to find my ”zen” place by going to the nature regularly

We have been practising this ”social distancing” now for over 14 months! Think about it, 14 months! That is a lifetime for a teenager. They say we have lost a generation here. They talk about the ”covid-generation” and no wonder. I am an adult and it’s been hard for me. It’s been hard to be socially distant as that is not me, I am an extrovert. I love being around people, I love meeting people, but this past year I have found myself to be turning more to an introvert.

Luckily I found other ways to be social and/or meet people online and started to build my brand and network on social media. Links to profiles below in case you are not following me yet.

I have also made sure that I do get my dose of #foresttherapy as in the nature I relax and can forget about covid, restrictions and arrangements this situation has caused to all of us. My survival method has been wandering in the forest/nature and putting my energy to build my brand and social media appearance to generate leads for modelling and/or TV/moviw roles. Check my portfolio if you want to know more about that side of me.

Anyways, vaccine coverage is getting pretty good, case numbers are low, government is easing off the restrictions. I think we are heading to the right direction, but that does not mean we can continue living as before the virus?

One thing is sure; covid-19 virus is here to stay and we need to learn to live with it.

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