Me and my daughter on a ferry summer 2020

Thought I’d do a proper introduction. I am a mother of four from Finland who decided to apply to be a part of our company’s Kilimanjaro challenge to raise money for Unicef and climb Kilimanjaro in February 2020. Luckily I was chosen and you can read more about my journey to Kili and back under category Kilimanjaro.

Back to the “about me” section… So I have four children eldest is already taller than me (a lot) and youngest is going to school here in Finland . The youngest was born in Australia, QLD meaning I have also lived there for 5 years. Been back in Finland for a while now, but I will miss Australia always. I keep dreaming about it on a regular basis and hope to one day be able to visit my other home country again.

“Serious amateur” singer

I have always loved singing, even when I was younger I kept singing all the time, everywhere. Now my eldest daughter does the same and we have agreed that there is no singing after 8:30 pm (little one needs her sleep). She is having hard time trying to stick to that, but I totally understand her!

Covid-19 + singing in a choir = microphone

Currently I sing with a group called Umba you can check more from here. We do gigs on demand and build the playlist based on the customers wishes. Feel free to book us via the website. I also sing with this amazing choir called Gospel Helsinki Mass Choir which has so many talented people, enthusiastic conductor and a smashing band. It is a low entry choir where I go for because I wanted to keep some sort of choir in my life. Anyone can join the choir please check the website for more info. I have also done many years of more classical choir singing and solo singing, mostly jazz standards. Jazz, Bossanova/Nujazz are closest to my heart and of course my all time favorite Stevie Wonder. Have been lucky enough to see him live in concert three times; once in Australia and twice in Finland. My voice can be heard on my Soundcloud account and other music projects can be found under my Portfolio.

I am always interested in new opportunities and challenges so do contact me if you need a high soprano or just a jazzy classy singer even on short notice. I am able read sheet music and am a quick learner and did I mention I love to sing… anything, anytime, anywhere!

I do play the piano also and desperately try to practice accompanying myself when I sing, but time is tight so have had to prioritize. Hence I never take my guitar out either. But maybe one day… just like my grandfathers violin is waiting for me to learn to play the violin again which I will do… one day!

Strike a pose

I have always loved clothes, dressing up, color play and fashion. When I was younger I used to do some modelling and now after children I decided to try again and took a modelling course recently and hoping to get a new hobby out of it. Due to my height (179 cm) fashion shows are a specialty and have experience in videos, movies, but naturally will do any modelling gigs. Portfolio photos and more about my experience can been seen under Portfolio page and booking can be made through or contact me directly kati.kaarila (at)

My journey to Kili and back

I started this blog to share my thoughts on training and getting ready for the Kilimanjaro challenge. The blog has since grown to be much more and I have enjoyed writing more than I thought so decided to keep going. I won’t change the name as I quite like it and hey, yes I am sort of back from Kilimanjaro and it did in a way change my life! I am excited to see this chapter of my life and happy that you are here reading my story and joining in! Feel free to join into discussions and comment.

Disclaimer; English is not my mother tongue although I have lived overseas, but if you don’t use it you tend to loose it as we all know and sometimes I am lost with words even in Finnish. Apologies for any weird phrases and/or grammar mistakes in any language 😀