Australia stories- Getting organised

We are here, so now what. It certainly doesn’t end when you get there. The fact that my husband already had a job promised (as soon as we get the visa) dictated quite a lot on where we would be living so we decided we would look for houses around that area which was Caboolture, QLD. Small little suburb about 60 km North from Brisbane.

Had to take a photo 😀

Once you find a place to live it’s time to look for the school for the kids. At this point only one of them was going to school, my eldest who was five. He did not know a single word in English. That didn’t matter though. We had been told that people over there are quite welcoming and kids will eventually learn the language and they were very true in saying that.

So many things depended though on the Visa. Since we didn’t have the Visa yet we could not rent a house so we didn’t have a permanent address and we couldn’t enrol our son to school or apply for a job so the Visa dictates everything. All we could really do is wait for it so in the meantime we bought a car which we were allowed to do and drove to Sydney for a few days.


Our two little ones in the front…

It was a big city. We stayed there for two nights and one night on the way there and back for one night also. With small kids it was kind of necessary. They simply did not have enough patience to travel 1000 k’s in one day understandably. We got lost on the underground motorways, visited Bondi beach and took photos by the Opera House, but it was in the end a really quick visit and more like getting to know the country in general.

Everything was so new, roads, food, driving on the left side, people. People were so nice and the general vibe was so welcoming. So first two weeks were more and less just meeting Finnish people we had talked to online in advance getting some great advice and looking around places where we could stay once the visa arrives and travelling around. It was indeed a little bit like a holiday.

The magical email

You application is nearing completetion! Yay!

When the magic email arrived, that our visa is close to being granted we needed to leave the country since we were there with a tourist visa. We had already earlier planned to go to New Zealand for two weeks when the time comes.

It was around three weeks since we arrived when the email came. Just like they predicted and we had planned. Our plywood box was almost half way too most likely getting close to Singapore at that time when we hopped on the place to New Zealand for a week.

New Zealand was an amazing place. One of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to so my next post will concentrate on NZ.

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Australia stories – The journey and arrival

After about 6 months we got the email from the immigration office that they are getting closer in granting the PR Visa. At that time if you fulfilled all the requirements (of which the most important one was the qualification for a skilled occupation category) it was very unlikely that you would not get the visa. So as long as all your paper work is in order you could plan the move and get ready for the day when the final approval arrives. So we had sold our house, moved to my ex husbands fathers place for the summer and knew we could book the flights and ship the plywood box soon. Basically we were all ready to leave living on ”stand by” in a way.

Spending time

Our first car we got to borrow from our Finnish friends until we buy our own. At roof car park in Brisbane Chermside shopping centre. Little did we know we’d end up living almost next to it.

Because it takes two months for our things to arrive on the other side of the globe it made sense to take as long time as possible on the way there. So we booked flights through London to Beijing and Hong Kong to Brisbane. Why Beijing? Well because a colleague of mine agreed to let us use his apartment while he was in Finland . Huge thanks to you (you know who you are <3). Hong Kong because there are only a couple of different airports in Asia that fly to Brisbane and Hong Kong was one of them.

We left in August 2008 from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and by the time we had flown for 10 hours the flight captain kindly announced that we are above Estonia so basically 60 km away from where we left and after 10 hours of traveling. What did we learn from this? Don’t book the cheapest flights if you want to get there quickly especially with small children.

Beijing was really interesting, we walked a lot. Went to see the Great Wall of China and other attractions. I don’t think I would have ever visited China otherwise so this was really a great great opportunity that we had. Hong Kong was also really interesting and beautiful place. Quite international but still not too much and such good food! Worth a visit definitely also.

New home

Checking CBD for the first time

I remember when we started to approach Brisbane I was looking outside from the window and thinking is there anything else except sand here as I had been watching the moonlike surface for quit a while already from the airplane window. Are there actually people living here somewhere? Then the mountain range came into view and a bit more green as we started to get closer to the shore of the Pacific Ocean and our destination Brisbane International airport.

This would be our new home for as long as… Well we don’t know. We didn’t have a definite plan. Plan was to get there, stay for at least the year ex-husband had a contract for. If possible stay for the four year needed to get citizenship. BUT those were all plans. Truth was it was scary, it was exciting, it felt like a dream or a different reality that we were entering. Could we indeed call it home? Would it feel like home?

First encounter

CBD looked so big and the high risers were like wow!

After landing we went through the infamous border control and of course it was a bit scary having seen all those series on TV. First you show your passport and then the dogs came as we were getting our luggage. One sniffed really long my son’s bag and they asked whether there’s been any food in there and I said yes I think we had a banana in there. The officer said most likely the dog just smelled the banana and then they let us pass. It was much quicker than I thought and pretty much the same entering any country.

Leaving from the airport with the taxi I remember being so scared because I felt all the time like we are on the wrong side of the road and I’m going to die. It was a strange feeling because I hadn’t been in a country with left side traffic for a while. You did get used to it pretty quickly though, but first feeling was definitely weird.

It was super warm, it was sunny, it felt like any other place in the world, it wasn’t that different actually. We arrived at the apartment hotel that we had booked for 2 weeks so that it gives us time to find our own place and figure our our next move while waiting for the visa to be processed. After unpacking and changing clothes we left outside and went to get something to eat. It was a strange feeling being finally there after such a long time and so much work.

Finally here

It’s hard to describe how emotional it is. How long process selling almost every single thing that you have ever owned, packing your life into a couple of suitcases and a small plywood box and just leave. Just go not knowing what will happen on the other side. Will we find jobs? How will the kids be reacting? What if we have to return tail between our legs in a couple of weeks? Will we be able to support ourselves over there? What about the language, will we be able communicate? Thousands and thousands of thoughts going through your head.

But we were finally there. Such a relief yet extremely scary. What next you ask? Well getting organised!

Best regards,
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Australia Stories – The visa

I have been avoiding starting this series of stories because by writing about Australia I will be poking into some memories, lots of them actually, some good, some bad. It was the time when the family was still one and I didn’t know what was coming. It was a dream come true to be able to live in a foreign country where it’s sunny always and people are so happy and smiling. It was though not all smiles being overseas, so far away with three (later four) children. Getting there wasn’t ”a piece of cake” either. It was hard paperwork, very hard for 3 years from the time we first printed the ”manual” on how to apply.

Where to start

But let’s start from the beginning. It was around year 2005. At that time applications were still done by paper so the application instructions were also on paper. If I remember correctly it was 52 pages long. First few times we just looked at the pile of paper and put it away, but after about half a year we actually started reading the papers through figuring out what do we need to do and in what order. For example if you were on a certain occupation list you were able to apply directly for a permanent residency Visa. Luckily both me and my ex husband were on that list so either one of us could be the main applicant.

The letter we got informing now we need to leave the country for two weeks

It wasn’t though enough that you have your occupation on the list, you also had to pass the language exam and for different occupations the exam demands are different. We first tried it so that my ex-husband would be the primary applicant because his occupation was on this ”fast track list”. Then after a few months we changed it so that I would be the primary applicant because other demands for him were different like language skills for example.

Because I do not have a university degree I was required to write 30 pages of my whole entire career what I have been doing for work and a couple of project examples of how I have been applying my skills in my job. This took about 2 to 3 months to create (while pregnant with the third…). After creating the 30 page long document I could send in the application for my occupation to be qualified for the occupations on the demand list so to speak. Then it was waiting game until they assess your application. I would estimate few months if I remember correctly.

I am qualified!

Oh the happy day when the letter arrived verifying me as the system administrator that I already knew I was! So now we were able to put in the final application for the PR (permanent resident) visas 21st of December 2007. For the actual application you needed to have photographs and doctor certificates of each members of our family.

All we had soon on the way to Australia

Those alone cost around 400-500 per person. Approximate cost for the PR visa was somewhere between 2500-3000 something euros per applicant. So it was not cheap, but then again we sold our house, furniture and all our belongings pretty much so we could fund going there. You also needed to be able to show that you can support yourself for the first two years so…

When the hard part was done and the application submitted we needed to wait for almost a year before we got the actual PR Visa so in this time we sold most of our stuff (and I had sold my cloth diaper and baby sling business)t and started looking for jobs and places to stay in Australia. We ended us choosing Brisbane because we had met some lovely people from there earlier and talked a lot with them online and the climate seemed nice, city not too big, but still big enough to have job opportunities and less competition maybe than in Sydney or Melbourne.

Leave as tourist arrive as permanent resident

The ”few” suitcases we had

My ex-husband managed to get a job before we even arrived so we informed of this to the immigration agency and they promised to accelerate our application. They said that we could enter the country as tourists and then once they are really, really close to finalising our Visa we should just leave the country for a few weeks while they process it to the end and voila we would return as permanent residents. We had always thought of visiting New Zealand so took the opportunity to go there for those two weeks.

So we left to Australia as tourists on the 7th of August 2008 with all of our belongings in just a couple (very many) of suitcases and that was all we had. The small few square meter container that we sent only had books important photographs couple of important toys and things like that memories from Finland no furniture. Thinking back to it now. Wow, did we really do that and with three small kids? Yes we did twice! But more about that later…

Next episodeArrival: The first days in a foreign country on another side of the globe Coming up once I got time to write and dig into photos !

Australia Stories:

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The Virus Diary – Month 23 Infection

For almost two years you live in the fear of it. At first is the fear of the unknown. Then the fear of what you know. After that the fear of being tired of it until the realisation of the inevitable comes. No matter how many vaccines you get or how much time passes we will most likely all end up getting it before it fades away.


I was starting to accept it and after two vaccines felt more confident with my history of two cases of pneumonia in the past 10 years that I will be OK if I get it. Well now we are in the situation that I am about to find out as I got a positive result the other day. I am in quarantine voluntarily now as the tracking and official stuff are running way too behind here in Finland with all the new cases during Xmas holidays. Funny thing is that I did not even go anywhere and have worn a mask all the time so only goes to show how insidious this variant seems to be.

At first I felt just tired, then my muscles started aching from everywhere, last was the pounding headache. First I thought it was my period starting because those sometimes bring a pounding headache and lower back pain. This was though a bit different than before and generally lower back pain has not been on my monthly agenda so knew something was off.

Luckily I had home tests available and result was 15 mins away so managed to isolate myself as fast as I think was possible in this case. Now it’s just a waiting game for the others in the house…

Mutual understanding

At first, as a practical person, you take care of the things that you have to meaning try to save everyone else and isolate, disinfect, organise food delivery, cancel work shifts… do we even have panadol in the house? Then you sleep, sleep and sleep. I slept the evening, the night and until 2 pm the next day pretty much whole time. I even admit thinking when sleeping that I like this virus. It let’s me sleep without anything disturbing and I am not having too many dreams either. (I tend to dream so much that I can’t sleep from them as funny as it sounds…).

So after the first shock me and ”The Virus” found a mutual understanding. It needs to do it’s thing in my body and my body with a little help and guidance from the vaccines needs to it’s thing to the it. I did make it clear to ”The Virus” that I will be winning no matter what, but in return it can continue rolling in the world in a bit milder form that is not hurting so many people. Let’s see if it listened to me… 😉

Waiting game

So after the first few days I am feeling OK. It is in me and I am waiting for it’s next move. I did have a little bit of temperature last night, but I sweat that away during the night. Have been awake now the whole day and am finally feeling tired. Headache has passed, just tired and maybe a bit of cough? Well see. It’s a waiting game what happens now and if anyone else gets symptoms.

What I don’t want is months and months of quarantines as there are so many of us in the family, but what can you do you but to wait. Wait for it to evolve inside of you, wait to see if it finds a new victim around in the house or not. Wait for the time when it’s all gone, for good. In my case that will be in approx 9th of January!

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The Virus Diary – Month 18 Healing process

Bottom of the wave

There is beauty in the nature

It has been interesting to follow your mind and how it works in situations like this. First you convince yourself that nothing’s changed ,everything is just fine because you have to. It’s a way of surviving, it’s a way of managing the situation. The truth is that it’s not fine everything is upside down nothing is the way it used to be and it scares you.

They say that the healing process of sorrow or sudden grief works in waves. First you’re at the bottom then you rise to the top only to reach the bottom of the wave again later. This goes on until the tsunami reaches the shore or the storm comes down. No matter how far from the epicentre you are there is still waves they are just not that high. Meaning in time the lows are not that low anymore and they don’t come that frequently.

That is exactly how I feel right now. I wasn’t really consciously aware of it earlier, but yes I am going through a healing process, healing from a traumatic experience in a way. It wasn’t only the virus it was also the whole experience of climbing Kilimanjaro and the injury caused by it that prevented me from doing what I love for a very very long time (and probably in some sense permanently) meaning exercising and running.

It was a lot of things that caused the tsunami and my bottom of the wave.

Twisting mind

Mind is a funny thing. It twists things around to suit whatever the situation is. If you are in a panic mode all you need to do is survive and that is what you do you survive. Then when things calm down a little bit you get more strength to concentrate on other things than just the survival. And finally you find a way to look at everything from above and evaluate what has happened.

I can honestly say that last year was crap. Full of crap. The whole year was a disaster, the whole year was just bad thing one after another. Forcing you to live on the edge constantly struggling to maintain your freaking sanity.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one thinking this way, that I’m not the only one who has fought and struggled last year. I know my struggles are minor to what other people have experienced so I should not be complaining, but for me it was the hardest year of my life and I’m not lying. Looking back I have no idea how I survived and how I’m even somewhat sane right now.

Healing process

But getting back to the healing process. I have noticed lately that I’m thinking a bit more positively about the future. I have seen my friends, I have seen my colleagues, most of all I’m not constantly afraid, afraid if I will get the virus and how it will affect me. Will I get the bad variation and even if I get the mild variation will it have effects that last the rest of my life?

On the lake at our summer cottage

So I’m happy I have had the first dose of the vaccine, because at least now I feel more at peace, that I have done what I can to prevent the serious version of the virus. I know the battle is not over yet. The virus will stay with us forever, we just need to find a way to live with it. From mental perspective though, the shock and disruption caused by this lives with the people who experienced it forever. It has changed all of our lives undeniably forever in one way or another.

I know there is still a long way to go even for me in the healing process of this, but I think I’m on my way, I think the world is on its way. I think we’re finding some lost joy again off the way things used to be. Simple things, small things, like singing together. Such a simple thing that was denied from us and it almost tore my heart apart.

You need to survive so you just convince yourself I can do this. I can do this no worries super easy, I just won’t sing for a while that’s good, that’s fine. The truth is at some point enough is enough. If it’s a part of you that is really hard to deny from yourself. In the end you stopped thinking about it, stopped missing it and found other ways to replace that void. Now I sing less and less all the time. My vocal chords need some serious training after the holiday season I know! This is just an example of what we have been forced to deny, or cease to do, or have not done because we want to protect everyone else, our loved ones and yes sometimes ourselves too.

Protect everyone

Image from one of my past years roles ”police officer in blue” from a Finnish police series called Roba

I have done all the precautions I can for the past year and a half because I don’t, or past tense I didn’t want anybody’s life to be on my conscience. So I have worn a mask, I have kept my distance, I have worked from home and I have hardly met anyone outside ad/tv/movie productions which I count kind of as work and impossible to do remotely. On the other hand the hygiene has been impeccable in the productions I have worked so huge thanks to everyone the cast and crew for that.

So I hope it has helped. I have to think it has. I have to think that what I have done has made a difference because otherwise all the sacrifices that I’ve have done during this one and a half years would have been for nothing. So when you think should I take the vaccine, just know that there are a lot of people in the world doing everything they can to help you out so you would not get the serious version. The least you can do is help a little back and do the same if you can so we can at some point get back to somewhat normal.

While waiting for that I hope you have managed to keep a bit of holiday this summer and relax. Mine just ended, but I think I need some more 🙂

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Training – Other interests 01-02/21

Hard practise I tell you!

Clear to say I have not been so into blogging about training since this is my first training post this year. Why, I don’t know. I have been training, but maybe it’s because I have not had any clear goal that I have felt like ”I have nothing to say” which is not true at all! I have found despite of The virus a new hobby that I love, pole-dancing!

And how did I end up doing it? Well I was in a TV series shoot as a statist and one of the lead actresses Minka Kuustonen told me she had practised pole-dancing for three months for this scene and she was such a PRO. I was so inspired by her that I decided I want to give it a try because it also seemed like a good upper-body and core balance training anyway which I desperately needed.

So I joined a class at Pole4fit and have been going there ever since pretty much once a week apart from the restrictions in place every now and then during the spring. You cannot wear your sports watch there either so these will not be logged anywhere which is actually quite relieving! Only you can push yourself and only you know how hard you trained in the end.

I highly recommend the sports to anyone interested regardless of age!

What about running?

Training this summer has been HOT due to the heat!

I bet you are asking… Well thank you for asking, I am running pretty normal. I have noticed that it’s not that important to me anymore. Other hobbies like my modelling, pole-dancing and gym have replaced a lot of the k’s I used to do when running. The good part about this approach is that when I do run, I can go on for a long time or super fast in a short time. So in the end not sure if I am currently actually running the right amount or was I running too much before. Anyway every time I go running it feels enjoyable and super easy which is only about two times a week nowadays.

Very far from 25-35 km a week, but still doing something hey! And every time I try to push it too hard, my IT band injury begins to remind itself so I am concentrating still on getting my legs, core and butt in shape 😀

So I am happy. I am not counting kilometres, I am not counting how many times a week or month, I am just doing it by the feeling and enjoying it. I can already hear your thinking in the background saying about time you took it a bit easier sis and I must agree 😉

The funny thing is I keep increasing my speed although I don’t run as much and in general I find that I have so much more strength to hold my own body which surprises me sometimes. So I will keep this path for now and train ”smart” not ”hard” hoping result will lead to me being able to do some proper swan or superwoman moves with the pole and yes the handstand in the end.

Gym back in the picture too

One of my favourite butt, core crunches. As high as you can go is the aim!

Now that the restrictions have finally eased and I have been going back to the gym also and found completely new kind of motivation for it too. I am determined to increase my muscle mass and legs plus but are the main focus as to increase muscles you need weights. I have again added stair climber to my warm-up plus treadmill. Doing some upper body training also and a core, bootylicious or body pump type of training when it suits the schedule. Now because of summer holidays everything works in a bit different pace.

So with gym same applies ”smart” not ”hard”. I am trying to think that it’s better to do something than nothing and avoiding the ”I cannot walk” days changing them rather to ”I feel I have done something” days. So progress both physically and mentally just not in distance, but strength. So you are definitely already now looking at a stronger me!

Stay safe and take care!

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The Virus Diary – Month 16 – Vaccinated, check!

Spring is here!

Once they started giving the vaccines all cities (and countries) have been able to roll them out on an accelerated pace. By mid May it was already my turn. I had a bit mixed feelings about it, but it was clear I am taking it as soon as possible. I have had a few pneumonias and generally just normal colds cause horrible coughs so I was afraid of the side effects of the vaccines. Then again of course if I would be getting bad side effects from the vaccine most likely I also would have gotten the ”serious” form of covid.

So weighing between getting the virus and getting side effects there was really no real dilemma. I got the vaccine when I had the chance and didn’t have any side effects. I do feel a bit less stressed now. Not that it has changed my life in any other way I still wear a mask, but it is great to be able to say to others that have been vaccinated that I am too so we can relax a bit.

The vaccination

I was amazed how well everything was organised. I got the time booked online and parked the car at a fair centre that has been closed for over a year. Last time I was there it was for a tv series ”Hotel Swan” shoot. They had built the setup there which is smart that the halls were used for something in the meantime. Anyways now I was walking to the same hall to get a jab in left arm.

It was like from a science fiction movie. Everyone walking in lines like ants to little cubicles and getting vaccines like in an assembly line. I have to admit it felt a bit unreal. I was born when there was no internet or pc’s and now we are mass vaccinating people and using our phones to create videos with special effects for everyone to see. And some say technology has not advanced. Well I say it has and A LOT.

Talking about videos I have been pretty busy entertaining myself and everyone else learning there tools making videos on TikTok and Instagram. Feel free to go and check them out, let me know in comments what you think and of course share, save and like. I am just beginning my social media journey so plenty more to come in everyday fashion, modelling, tv/movie extra work, running and nature. Links at bottom of this post.

Amount of cases still going down


Getting back to the virus the amount of cases have gone down since they put more restrictions in place and accelerated the vaccinations. So much that they eased of the restrictions about three weeks ago and society will be more opened up in the beginning of June. This is huge success as we are allowed to meet more people. Restaurants and gyms are open. Small concerts can be kept indoors and soon bigger ones outdoors. All important things and part of my life. I cannot wait to sing to a live audience again. I am sure there will be some tears as it will be such and emotional experience to all of us singers and also to our fans.

We did do a virtual concert which will go live next weekend 29.5. at 13:45. We sang all parts in advance and only a few of us will go onsite because of the restrictions and we definitely did not want to take any risks. Check my Instagram feed if you wish to listen to us sing I will 100% put something in my stories or posts before the event.

Feeling is good and trusting

Finally for the first time in over a year I do feel positive about this. The light at the end of the tunnel that i wrote about last time was not a mirage. It is definitely there, closer than ever. We just need to hang in a little bit longer and this time it truly feels like it won’t be long now.

So until that time when we can meet all our friends, go to a concert or theatre, travel overseas and in general give people hugs and shake hands. Most of all, I am waiting to be able to be closer to people. Even for a Finn (well and Aussie too) this social distancing has not been an easy thing. At some point I thought I was going to loose myself and become and introvert. Luckily the ship changed it’s course and I am good old extrovert me again 😉

Love and hugs to everyone! Hope situation in your country is getting better slowly also and if it isn’t just know that there is an end to this it seems and we are past the midpoint already for sure!

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The Virus Diary – Month 14 – Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s been so many months since we hit the second wave here in Finland. First we thought that things were getting better but then we quickly noticed that it was actually getting worse. Case amounts rose steadily to amounts higher than ever during the pandemic early this year.

Me and my daughter on a picnic. At least you can enjoy the nature!

So that meant more drastic measures were put in place and we were in partial lock-down for the past 7 weeks .For us here in Finland lock-down means that everything is pretty much closed or on hold. So no indoor sports, no singing, no dancing, no movies, no social gatherings. Although it sounds quite negative it’s really isn’t that in the end as we do get to go out in the nature. Finland is so scarcely populated.

We have been in this situation before last year same time when the pandemic began. Then everything was new we had no idea what was going to happen and we were scared and afraid even. Now I feel like ”we know the drill” already so repeat, repeat, repeat until you get the desired result. The desired result here being zero cases. So if this is wave 2 it makes you wonder how many more waves we still have ahead of us?

The second wave has actually been worse in case numbers probably due to more testing. So it is likely that once we get this second wave in control and loosen up the restrictions a little bit we’re going to hit the third wave at some point. Or maybe if we get everyone vaccinated quickly enough it won’t be that bad?

It is not the end

Whatever the case there is not end to this ”different time” time in the near future. We are given some positive news about vaccinations progressing, but the reality is that the virus is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere and we need to find ways to live with it on a more permanent basis instead of these constant restrictions and changes to our lives.

I think that may have been one reason why the Finnish Government made the decision they did this week to start easing the covid restrictions slowly. Naturally for this plan to go forward we will need to keep the figures down to level they are not. In any case it’s a positive sign that we are heading to the right direction.

Social distancing

I have been trying to find my ”zen” place by going to the nature regularly

We have been practising this ”social distancing” now for over 14 months! Think about it, 14 months! That is a lifetime for a teenager. They say we have lost a generation here. They talk about the ”covid-generation” and no wonder. I am an adult and it’s been hard for me. It’s been hard to be socially distant as that is not me, I am an extrovert. I love being around people, I love meeting people, but this past year I have found myself to be turning more to an introvert.

Luckily I found other ways to be social and/or meet people online and started to build my brand and network on social media. Links to profiles below in case you are not following me yet.

I have also made sure that I do get my dose of #foresttherapy as in the nature I relax and can forget about covid, restrictions and arrangements this situation has caused to all of us. My survival method has been wandering in the forest/nature and putting my energy to build my brand and social media appearance to generate leads for modelling and/or TV/moviw roles. Check my portfolio if you want to know more about that side of me.

Anyways, vaccine coverage is getting pretty good, case numbers are low, government is easing off the restrictions. I think we are heading to the right direction, but that does not mean we can continue living as before the virus?

One thing is sure; covid-19 virus is here to stay and we need to learn to live with it.

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Training 2020 totals – A very different year

No doubt year 2020 was very different to me and not only because of covid-19 but also because I climbed to Kilimanjaro and after that didn’t climb or run for the next 8 months. My IT band inflammation was a complete surprise to me and extremely hard mentally to cope with.

I am used to exercising and that being taken away suddenly in addition to home schooling, working from home and covid restrictions I admit I was not coping well. I tried to psyche myself by putting my energy to something else and that is when modelling /tv/movie extra roles came into play. They have saved many days when you want to do something, but cannot run or even go to the gym. At least you can act!

Nevertheless I have been able to do quite a lot of training, but it’s just been a bit different kind than before and there has not been any kind of goals this time. After my injury and verdict from the doctor finally early spring I at least knew what was wrong and could plan on how to get better.

Naturally in this case less is more so had to cut back on training extensively and concentrate on handling the inflammation. Took the inflammation pills I got from the doctor, but they had pretty bad side effects and practically my heart was pounding and blood pressure went suddenly up and then down. They just did not agree with my body.

So grateful to be able to train again

I did take the prescribed amount, but decided that I cannot risk being forced to take them again or at least would have to find another brand. Anyway luckily I then discovered ginger and turmeric and took capsules meant for joints that contained those for a few months and also drank shots of them regularly and still do every now and then. Late summer I didn’t feel the pain anymore and by September I wasn’t constantly watching out the leg and thinking about the pain and could slowly start running again.

At the same time I also started doing light exercises for hamstrings and glutes to get strength back which tshould support running. Apparently loosing significant amount of weight (16 kilos read more in ”My Weight Loss Journey” -series) and all that training caused the center of gravity to change and imbalance on the muscles. So more training to the butt that is!

I also found softer sports like Yoga which has been a life saver. It has helped me to keep myself flexible and also grow overall strength with movements based on my own body weight. It has definitely helped with getting the center of gravity back to where it should and my posture has improved so much! Four babies definitely caused changes to my body and I am glad I noticed now that I need to do something and not when it’s too late.

Anyways so year full of resting and softer sports with a bit of increase by the end of the year.

Let’s call year 2020 a year of mercy and recuperating <3

Total 2020

My favourite pastime, spend th
  • 2020 total 184 Activities, ascent 8927 m (2615 m was Kilimanjaro)
    • 2019 total 236 activities, ascent 18363 m (wow this was a lot..)
  • 2020 Running total 294 k’s, trail 76 k’s and basic 218 k’s
    • 2019 Running total 610 k’s, trail 307 k’s and basic 303 k’s
    • 2018 Running total 440 k’s, trail 190 k’s and basic 250 k’s.
  • 2020 total Hiking 67 k’s
    • 2019 total hiking 179 k’s (Impressive!!)
    • 2018 total hiking 56 k’s
  • Trekking 55,62 km (this was the Kilimanjaro Climb)
    • None earlier used this for Kili
  • Walking 141 km ( I had to start recording walking at some point when I could not run…)
  • 11 times weight training
  • 17 times Yoga
  • 18 Circuit training meaning different gym classes
  • 81 km of cycling

So all in all a lot more variety than 2019 which is not bad. Amounts are understandably not as high as 2019 but surprisingly not as low as I thought. There are weeks during springtime when I have 0 activities. That is unusual, but it was necessary to stop. Truly looking forward to this year and grateful that I have found softer choices and learned not to demand so much of myself. Less is more they say and I think I believe that too finally!

How about my targets for 2020?

Like said earlier I fairly quickly realised I need to throw all my targets to the bin after the IT band inflammation injury. After that my target has been to survive until I can run again or do any sport for that matter. So comparing to where I started from it was pretty good year.

I did not increase any distance goals, but I did improve my average speed from 6,5 to 7,1 km/h so even though I ran less, I did it faster.

Target for 2021

Is still to survive and put more focus on full body strength and toning.

  • I will keep running, but it will probably never be a thing I can do as much as I did.
  • I also want to focus on trail running rather than basic running. I love nature and my legs can handle that better.
  • I would very much like to get back to orienteering again this year. Need to wait for a few months for the snow to melt.
  • I have also started new hobby pole dancing, It’s very good whole body strength training and perfect support for running!

So still alive and kicking just not as hard as before but definitely with more determination and mercy on myself!

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