Finding high places – Bromorstinden, Tromso, Norway

You waiting for me?

We were going to have a ”rest day” after the 22 kilometers hike the day before but after breakfast we started already looking for ”easy” hikes around the area. Found this absolutely amazing view point about 1 hour drive away from Tromso called Bromorstinden. On the way we encountered reindeer again. This guy was not in a hurry anywhere.

On the way there were some beautiful beaches with white sand and we decided that after sweating it out a bit we would take a dip in the fjord as the weather was absolutely fabulous and warm.

Trail to Bromorstinden

Finding the start of the trail was a bit of guessing as the maps pinpointed to different spots but the parking lot is on the right hand side and you can see the start of the trail from it.

Trail was indeed pretty easy only 254 ascent and back and forth around 4,5k’s. For us it took 1 h 20 minutes plus enjoying the view for about 15 min at the top.

I can recommend this to anyone from physical point of view, but with smaller kids I’d be careful as there is no railings and straight drops down especially at the top. It also fools you in a way when you get up you realise that the actual top is still 30 meters down and up again, but I must say this was the best view spot so far. The views to North Atlantic / Norwegian Sea are spectacular!

Official honeymoon photo at the top!
Beach with mountain view… I mean WOW!

Way back was really fast and we practically ran down hence such a quick time. I would reserve a couple of hour on site, up and down for this without running. After some sweating it was time to dip into the fjord on this beautiful beach on the way back.

We continued our way towards Lofoten islands and you know how sometimes you just find something amazing with luck. We stumbled upon this beautiful waterfall somewhere after Bardufoss along the E6 check exact location from the image as it does not seem to be marked on the map.

If you are looking for a bit of excitement and a great high point again climb all the way to the top! It’s not more than about 500 meters from the parking lot.

Such an amazing day we had again. For a girl from Pohjanmaa, Finland, which loosely translated means ”flat land” all these high places are a wonder.

Now towards Lofoten islands. Can’t wait to see the sceneries there!

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