Finding high places – Engabreen glacier, Svartisen, Halsa, Norway

Time flies when you are having fun and all things must come to an end… So did our holiday and suddenly it was our last day in Norway. We left Lofoten in the morning the day before, but as it was raining the whole day and I managed to get some sort of flu bug we booked a hotel and just slept. My throat was sore and muscles ached a bit and I was so tired that I knew I had to just sleep it off.

A lot of gorges between the cliff so finding a straight route was a bit difficult until we saw other people coming from the glacier

Luckily no fever and sleeping it off worked so by next day I was fine. Not 100% myself but well enough to go on the long awaited hike to Engabreen glacier close to Halsa. Good part was that walk to to head of the trail is on flat land for about 3,3 kilometers. After that it gradually started climbing up.

I will put our route here to the end of the post, but I would not advise to follow it. Not that you could as it goes zig-zag at points where we tried to find the route between the cliff.

So far but so close!

We chose the easy blue route, which never seemed to reach the top so we hopped on the ”red route” at some point, but that did not go close to the glacier at all yet we saw people coming from that way so just headed straight towards them and finally found our way to this blue magical mass of ice.

it was about 10 meters high at times

Once we did find the glacier it was so beautiful. I have only seen them from a distance and never touched one! It was so nice and cool to give it a hug as it was +33 celsius that day and hardly any wind.

A few more pics of the beautiful turquoise colours. And there was actually a river under it which led to this huge waterfall which made so much noise and wind that I did not even dare to go close enough to take a photo of it.

Way back was easy and quick. We took the ”red route” down which was much quicker although yes plain cliff and steep at times. Altogether 12,14 kilometers (with the zig-zag…), Ascent 362 meters and descent 396 meters. Highest point seemed to be 302 meters and lowest -6 meters. The trip took us around 4 hours.

This was our last hike and tomorrow it is time to head home. I will surely miss Norway!

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