Finding high places – Högberget, Sipoonkorpi National Park

Went hiking with kids to my local National park Sipoonkorpi today. Weather was perfect sunny, not too hot.

This national park is where I do most of my long runs as it’s fairly close and there are plenty of routes/trails to choose from. I hardly ever do the same trail during the summer, but at winter time as snow is packing up higher by the month, I tend to do the trails where others have been as it is really hard to run in piled up snow.

I will show you what I mean during winter time!

Kalkkiruukki Laavu

Route to ”laavu” from Flatberget parking lot

The route to ”laavu” a lean-to shelter where you can spent the night with a fire place to bbq and few sets of wooden tables and chairs is a winding up and down path with some stairs. The route is perfect for some uphill running training in addition to just hiking with family.

There are three ascents and descents so if you do that 1.5k back and forth you get pretty good uphill/downhill exercise and good readings for both ascent and HR!

Lots of cliffs and drops with moss

From the parking lot at Flatberget to Kalkkiruukki Laavu and back it’s about 6k hike, so not too bad even for smaller kids. There is quite a lot of ascent so my 6 year old was pretty exhausted in the end (thanks to running and playing hide-and-seek in addition to just walking).

I can warmly recommend this for a nice day out in the forest with the kids as the route takes you through versatile landscape from high cliffs to the mystery forest and back <3

Natures art gallery

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