Finding high places – Lake district challenge, Cat Bells, England day 3

Cat Bells 452 meters

Third day our walk started from the jetty at Hawse End where you can get to by boat from the town. The boat runs regularly but not too often so you should check the timetable in advance.

It is also good idea to time your hike so that you will be back on time for the planned ferry as otherwise you may need to wait for a while for the one.

You could of course also walk from and back to town, but the boat ride is a nice event on its own.

The first part of the path takes you through a magical looking green forest with moss covered trees until the path starts to climb up after the car park.

First the path is clear and rock covered with fairly good incline right away. Path keeps going steadily up until about 330 meters where there is a bit more even section before the final climb.

Cat Bells consists of two little tips and again just when you think you are the top the actual peak appears.

Nope, we are not there yet

There is a steady smooth incline at the top all the way to the end where you will reach another section where hands are a better tool than poles and you get to use your climbing skills.

Rocky section to get to the top

There tends to be another way around these sections too so you could very well come here for a day walk with children and did see even smaller children on the fell. Or you could just come up the way we went down which was perfectly good for everyone even with minor knee injuries.

Picture towards the lake around 330 meters
Route down after the top

This was definitely the most busiest hike we did and there was a bit of a rush hour at the top and no wonder because the views to the lake were absolutely amazing. This route is completely on the opposite side of the Lake than the previous days walk was so different perspective to the town of Keswick.

Route down was easy and passed this old cave for mining and a waterfall after which it straight on the side of the fell until we reached the parking lot where we started climbing again.

Waterfall on the way down

I would recommend this definitely with kids and it is exciting for them with good views, but naturally it is good to be careful on those a bit steeper sections or use our route down to go up.

I would not recommend this with knee issues as some of the steeper sections had pretty weird positions you had to place your self to climb up using your hands, but if you are up for a challenge this might be your hike.

Then again taking our route down both up and down would be an easier option to see enjoy the views.


6,8 kilometers (about, forgot to turn my monitor back on coming down so missed a few hundred meters). Ascent 332 meters, descent 269 meters, highest point 452 meters

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