Finding high places – Munkebu, Moskenes, Lofoten, Norway

Last day in Lofoten islands and the intention was to find a nice longer hike somewhere high… surprise, surprise! As the car park for the trail head was full and the roads are too narrow to park along the road we started looking at other options and noticed that you can actually get to the same trail from our camping site.

Ferry leaving to Bodo

So back to camp site, car to park and off we go by foot. We did find the trail head just where it was marked on the trail map and started climbing. Followed the on-boarding of the ferry to Bodo at the same time so that we would know when to approximately head to queue as they only allow to book in advance 40% of the capacity and rest it first in queue principle.

There were four lanes and they all got in so we figured as long as we are on one of them we’re all good. Plan for next morning was to wake up, pack the tent, warm up water for oatmeal and make coffee to thermos and eat breakfast in the car while we queue for the ferry and this way secure our spot. This turned out to be a successful plan!

Anyway trail had pretty tough start with straight on incline up to around 180 meters after which we reached the plain for the village water reservoir. Past that and up another hill to around 400 meters and walking at the top to the other end of the hill then descent and join the ”original” path. This path was well worn and easy to follow in case you want to do the same plus the views are all the time clear to both directions so you know all the time where you are.

Munkebu hut

The valley was really beautiful where the Munkebu hut was with a little stream and a few tents. Here we finally also saw some snow. Crazy Finns looking for snow in Norway during summertime! You would think after last winter we would have had enough of it. We had extremely a lot of snow even in Helsinki last winter.

From Munkebu hut you could continue to the peak Hermansdaltinden if you wanted to, but we ran out of time and as we had absolutely nothing to eat and there were only a few restaurants we had to head back before the shops close.

Steep incline on rock with chains

Decided to take the trail to the direction of the ”original” trail head and parking lot we first tried because the grocery store would be in that direction and then walk back to the campsite. The descent down was really steep meaning the incline would have been very strenuous. We were happy at this point that we chose ”the other way up”. There was for example a very long open cliff spot with just a chain to hang on to.

At least we felt the route was better this way than the other, but of course have not tried it the other way. This would not be a good route to anyone with knee problems or small kids as the descent was very steep at times. This route would also be a real killer during rains since there was plain rock at times which would have been slippery.

Route we took where end point is on the right side of the lake as the original trail head would have been on the left side where the i letter is

Tomorrow with ferry to Bodo and to check the glacier in Svartisen. I have never been close to a glacier. Intention is to go all the way up so we can touch it!

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