Finding high places – Repovesi National Park

Repovesi National park
Suspension bridge was under renovation and not in use

I was so happy I was feeling well enough to go for our planned hike to a National Park fairly close to our home for a day trip last Saturday. I have been wanting to go there for a while now as apparently it has good views and nice ascents.

The suspension bridge at the start of the trail was being rebuilt so they had a boat ride that took you to the same spot where the bridge would. This was the start of our trail.

Right after the suspension bridge there was very good spots for barbecue and picnic on the lakeside.

Area for barbecue and picnic after the suspension bridge
Stairs to the top of the cliff

After the suspension bridge we headed to the forest and towards our first ascent and found these stairs all the way up to the top of the cliff. The stairs were a bit slippery because it was raining and surprisingly long, but took you all the way up so no need for poles.

The rock formations along the way were amazing and some of them looked like they are about to drop off.

We took a few necessary view photos at the top and returned to the route I had uploaded earlier to my watch. We were a bit tight on time due to sunlight and last boat ride so did not want to linger too long at any spot.

Besides we would probably not be able to do the whole planned route anyway so decided to go as far as we can (and as many times up as we can) and head back the gravel paths as fast as we can. This proved to be a good plan later on although not waterproof.

View on the other side of Kuutti bay where a part of the rock has crumbled down

Our route took us through the forest to lakeside with view to the other side where a part of the rock had practically crumbled down.

At the end of the Kuutti bay we found another barbecue spot called Kuutti canal with an old duct rebuild in the 90’s originally used for log floating.

Here you could find firewood, tables, a little cottage and toilets also. Many seemed to be camping there and around the area for the night. We came back through the same route which is in between two lakes and pretty much the only way unless you want to go around either of the big lakes.

After Kuutti canal there was a forest section which went at the top of the crumbled cliff then down to an actual road with a few cabins so apparently you can get there by car from somewhere too. We wanted to find a quiet place to have a bite to eat so ended up in this spot called Olhava used for rock climbing.One of the best spots in Finland they say.

Olhava rock climbing and barbecue spot

And it did indeed look like it was just a straight wall up. Again a nice barbecue spot with a campfire to warm up while having a picnic.

Descent from Olhavanvuori

We were running out of time so calculated that if we are quick with the ascent we can make it up to the top of that cliff called Olhavanvuori for some nice views and then head back.

The ascent which began just before Olhava barbecue spot (which was a dead end anyway) was shorter than we thought and all the practice we have done has made a difference and it did not feel that hard at all anymore.

It was quite rocky so poles would be helpful here!

Top was at 141 meters and such beautiful views with Autumn colors!

Top of Olhavanvuori
Observation tower at the top of Mustavuori

Intention was to climb atop Mustavuori still which was on the way back so walked along the road a bit until we found the path up there. Again really good ascent and incline. Poles would be useful on this ascent too so rocky and fairly steep in Finnish scale.

At the top you can find an observation tower taking up up to 127 meters. This is a good spot to see an almost 360 view around the area. So many lakes and perfect spots for a summer cottage!

After taking a few selfies at the top of the tower (see feature image at the top of the post) we realized that we should really head back to the boat now so we won’t miss the last one.

Path to Ketun lossi ”Fox ferry” from the suspension bridge

Luckily the direct path to the suspension bridge from Kuutti duct is gravel so we walked briskly the whole way back to where the boat would leave.

What we had failed to double check at some point was the timetable. The last boat had gone an hour earlier so after we realized this, our only option was to walk to Ketun lossi, Fox ferry 1,7 kilometers along the lakeside. See the U curve on the right hand side of the track 😀

This ”ferry” moved with man power so pulling yourself to the other side was the only option. It was fun and we were at our car just when it got pitch dark.

Caught beautiful sunset on the lake though…

Sunset on the way to Ketun lossi ”Fox ferry”

Next time do not forget the head light and remember to double check the timetables! Then again next time the suspension bridge will be open again so we would not have one of the problems anyway. Still good to remember the light as it is getting darker earlier and earlier in Finland.

The paths in the park were mostly wide and gravel, but ascents were at times more rocky and rugged. At least during Autumn it was pretty wet and slippery, but good hiking boots and you are fine.

Then again if you only take the gravel roads you can get to nice picnic spots without climbing too much. So this kind of option would be great with kids for example.

If you do decide to climb up to one of the tops with views beware that there are sudden drops down so with smaller children it is good to know and in case you are scared of heights stay further from the edges.

If you have knee problems just skip the biggest climbs and enjoy the lakeside or give it a try on one of them with the help of poles!

The route took us 4 hours and 26 minutes, but it is not really comparable as we walked so fast the last bits. I would reserve a day to come here. Come early in the morning so that you can enjoy the views, nature and relax without the pressure of sunset. Generally calculate 2,0 to 3,0 kilometers and hour as the average speed depending on your fitness level plus time to stop, take photos and eat.

I totally fell in love with this place and we will surely visit it again now that we know how ”close” it is to our home. Definitely recommend!


  • 17 kilometers
  • Ascent 276 meters
  • Descent 276 meters
  • Highest point 141

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