Finding high places – Veggen, Haukland beach, Norway

Queen’s route the day before was the most strenous of all our hikes both physically and mentally so far, so the next day was going to be a rest day.

We drove to towards Lofoten islands and as it was also a very windy day we decided to go to the Viking museum Lofotr and spent the day there, for once have a proper meal and find a nice beach to put up the tent for the night.

The water is so clear and it was so calm after the wind had been blowing the whole day

The museum was really informative and had a lot of interaction type of activities even for adults. We enjoyed the visit and took our time as we were not in a hurry anywhere but to get a meal.

Google satellite maps revealed a lot of nice looking beaches and found one with toilet fairly close so we chose that. It was next to this very nice looking little peak again so decided to go for an evening stroll.

Our ”little evening stroll” ended up being a hiking trail to the top of Veggen, 398 meters above sea level and as we were on the North Atlantic ocean beach to start with ascent was altogether 426 meters and it took us about 1h 30 minutes there and back. Almost exactly 5 kilometers.

Along the way we met quite a few little lambs and thought that hey if they can do it with their little skinny legs so can we!

Undoubtedly the view was like from a post card to the white sandy beach where our little blue tent was.

The ascent wasn’t that bad as it was short, but with quite steep ascent at the top and a narrow path with drop on both sides. I would not recommend this to anyone with knee problems or issues with heights nor small kids.

Nevertheless the view with sunset was stunning and there were quite a few people watching the sunset as it was the week after ”Midnight Sun” so the sun did not set until close to midnight. Very beautiful and magical.

View from the trail up to Veggen towards Haukland beach.

The way down was quick and easy. As usual almost half the time down around 35 minutes.

Great shorter exercise for the day and tomorrow we will head to Moskenes where we will spend our last day on the Lofoten islands and start heading home.

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