Training – W10/2020 Finally a bit more training

Getting back to normal and a bit more training finally after a break. I still felt tired after training but it wasn’t as bad as the week before. Covid-19 virus was also spreading around the world already but there were not that many cases yet in Finland so we decided to go for a weekend getaway to a spa few hours drive from our house and stop over at Repovesi National Park for a hike.

It was a beautiful day and a good hike. New suspension bridge over the strait was ready and weather was amazing around few degrees and sunny. No snow anymore, but a bit slippery at times where snow had just melter.

New suspension bridge is ready!

It was nice to get away and thinking back it was good luck that we did it before things got worse as now it would not be even possible.

Anyway I was happy that exercising felt better again and was eager to keep going next week. I wanted to have a training plan, but have not quite made up my mind yet what my next goal would be and what kind my plan would be. That will surely come to me and decided to just enjoy doing whatever kind of exercise for now .

Nature’s art work


  • 1 hike 13,4 kilometers
  • 2 runs 4,84 and 7,1 kilometers
  • 1 treadmill run 3,1 kilometers
  • 1 stair climber to 50 floors 11 minutes and 48 seconds
  • 1 gym class 52 minutes

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