In my head – Nature, silence and back to work

It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you just keep going up and reach the top. The saying you get hungrier the more you eat is very true with hiking as it seems you need to get higher, get better views and push yourself just a little bit further next time.

Me and my husband spent 1,5 weeks hiking up North of Finland and Norway during our summer vacation in July 2019. This area is above the Arctic Circle meaning the sun does not set for a period of few months during the summer but similarly it does not rise either for equally as long time during winter.

Listening to silence in Lapland

Ever since I got back from holiday I have had difficulty getting used to the constant noise/hum of the city that is around (and we are talking about a relatively small city of Helsinki, capital of Finland). It was great to come back to the city, put on some makeup, pretty clothes, high heels, head out to the center, have a cup of coffee in a nice coffee shop and just observe people passing by. I do enjoy the city buzz and atmosphere, but every now and then after getting back, I’ve gotten this anxiety as if there is too much going on around me. Too many people, too much noise and you just want to put earplugs in your ears, make it stop and be silent for a while.

It is a strange feeling because I don’t remember having that before. I don’t want to live in a forest and grow my own veggies, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about nature that’s calms you down. I believe it when they say that it settles your nerves and sort of recharges your energy levels. I’m pretty sure it also lowers your heartbeat and therefore also your blood pressure. Maybe that is what I am longing for, that calming quiet feeling?

Here I am anyway now back in the city and back to normal routines. School starts tomorrow and next Monday for the kids so I think pretty much everybody’s back from holidays soon here in Finland so it’s going to be a full buzz again.

I am sure this feeling goes away and I will get used to the ”noise/hum” of the city again, but this time there is another kind of ”noise” I will remember and can look forward to ”listening” again which is the gentle sound of the nature. Wind, rain, trees, birds, streams and sometimes you don’t hear anything at all.

That is what I look forward to, and will in the future remember to seek more often. It seems that my body and mind needs it, so more National park visits ahead. All good suggestions and nature gems you have found in the Southern part of Finland especially are welcome.

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