Getting the gear together – Boots

With some good after midsummer sales I decided to start looking into the kit list suggested. There a quite a few things that I need to get, but luckily there is also plenty of time.

But most important things first, hiking boots… Price was 159 EUR with discount which I think is not too bad. I was prepared to pay closer to 200 EUR. Brand is Lowa, a bit higher ankle, AB sole, so should be better than very hard sole.

I know that you should not put your new hiking boots on for the first day at Kili, but “test walk” and “wear them in” so to speak before that. I have a perfect opportunity for that when me and hubby are going up North for holiday later this month.

Intention is to first stop over at fell Pallas for the night and climb that. Then continue up North and climb fell Saana close to Kilpisjärvi. Next day walk to the “three country border” of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Also got hiking poles for the very same reason, to test them and to get accustomed to using them. Did a short walk in forest and so far all good both with the poles and shoes.

Looking forward to my holiday which starts today and more testing of the gear and general relaxing and spending time with the family.


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