KIlimanjaro – Day 1/10 – Travel day

Schipol airport first leg behind

I woke up at 5 am and managed to eat even some breakfast before my taxi arrived. Everything went smooth and I was at the airport well on time before the boarding. Ate my second breakfast as I was already hungry by then again.

After we got on the plane the excitement started and the captain announced that due to strong winds at Schipol airport, Amsterdam our flight would be delayed and that we need to just sit and wait until we know more. I did not have too excessively time to transfer to my Kilimanjaro flight so was a bit worried how late we excatly are.

We got info that we would be leaving only half an hour late opposed to 1,5 hours that they first had been told. So I should be ok if there is not too much queues in the passport control and so on. Then again all departures would also probably be delayed due to  only one runway in use so there is a fair chance I will make it OK.

Watched a movie had my _third_ breakfast and some coffee and right after we landed they let everyone with tight connections out first and the queue at passport control was really short so I was at the gate a little bit before boarding. For a few minutes I was then only one, then my Spanish colleagues arrived and boarding started so we made it on time it seems.

Our other colleagues in Europe were not that lucky. UK team ran as fast as they could but we just taxied off when they got to the gate and Swiss and Austrian members also landed just before but unfortunately they did not make it to the flight either. One member from North UK made it on board thanks to departure being late so it was just the 5 of us on the 11th Feb KLM morning flight.

Rest of the team managed to get a new flight through Nairobi and arrived around midnight so everyone got there in the end. Still waiting for a few bags to arrive though and making plan B in case they don’t.

The ride in the darkness to the hotel did not give much idea of where we are but it did make me think again how we take for granted many things like electricity and street lights.

We were really knackered after the flight so pretty much went straight to be after dinner. Looking forward to tomorrow in the sun!

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