Packing done and goodbyes

Bags inside bags

No way you can avoid it. You have to pack at some point. I did try to avoid it until the last minute, but since I won’t have time to pack tomorrow, decided to do it on the weekend and test what I can fit into which bag.

There is so many bags it’s ridiculous, you got dry bags to put stuff into so they don’t get wet in case is pours, then you put the dry bags into the back bag and/or the suitcase and until the actual hike when you put them to the the duffel bag which is also in a suitcase now, so you got plenty of bags inside bags!

Trying to sort this pile of stuff is a bit time consuming. Biggest challenge was to fit all essential liquids into just 1 liter bag 😉

Salty licorice and peanuts!

Bag to take to Africa

  • Hand luggage max 12 kilos, Day bag with everything you might need on the hike in case your check-in baggage does not arrive
  • Check in baggage 23 kilos to fit everything else (including duffel bag, sleeping bag and so on) hoping that it will arrive…

Bags to take to the hike

  • Duffel bag max 15 kilos, everything you don’t need during the days hike
  • Day bag all the rest basically what you may need during the a days hike

So some stuff we can leave to the lodge where we will stay before we leave to the mountain.

1 day to go and goodbyes

Naturally the closer it gets the more you think about the actual journey and what is to come. I have not had really time to think about the journey to the top, travelling to Africa or travelling at all for that matter.

Normally you get to know the place where you are going to and plan what you will be doing on a daily basis, what sightseeing you will visit and so on. Now I have not had time to do anything like that, but then again I am going on an organized trip where everything has been thought before hand for me so I don’t have to.

It is a relief actually for once not to be in the planning end. I am putting full faith to the people taking care of us and guiding us on the mountain and will do what they say and enjoy the ride!

It will be sad to say goodbye to the kids and husband, even the cat, but I am excited that the time is finally here and do hope that all goes well.

How to follow us? And what about my daily blog on the hike?

There is hardly any coverage on the mountain and in addition to that it would cost a fortune on roaming costs, plus I want to concentrate on the nature on the mountain so…

I will be off the grid after we leave from the lodge wi-fi until we get back to the 13th to the 19th of February.

If you wish to follow our journey up you can find some updates from website and…

Our itinerary is here:

I will be writing (yes, writing like with a pen and paper) a diary along the way which I will then type to digital format after we return along with hopefully some truly amazing photos!

So this is my last post before I go unless I get a change to post something about first impressions in Africa.

Here we go! Wish me luck!

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