My weight loss journey(s), part III

If you read My weight loss journey part I and part II you know the history and how I got to where I am now with my body.

Anyway for me I think the reasons for success were the reasons mentioned in the previous part I and II posts (that I have recognized myself). Another thing that helped was seeing that there indeed was progress all the time. I weighed myself on a regular basis in the morning on an empty stomach (after toilet) and measured with tape measure approximately biweekly and later on a monthly basis and yes I put it all to excel!

I like things to be tangible and measurable. Seeing the curve go down helped to make it more real since when you body changes it takes time for your mind to follow. You still see yourself as the ”old me” until your clothes start falling off and you realize there is a ”new me” peaking from the mirror. You don’t really believe the change until you see photos of yourself and put on some new nice clothes that fit better and the change slowly starts to kick in.

Graph of the excel 😀

In the graph above just for curiosity where I got to in 2016, and how it crept up again in a few years until I began my recent and hopefully last weight loss journey. In 2019 I have mainly concentrated on toning so no major changes in measures apart from weight and actually thighs which are not on this graph.

Measuring and other statistics

Window selfie at the Gym a few months back

Altogether according to scale and tape measure I have lost:

  • 14-15 kilos, 10.7 % fat (depending on where you count the start and end from)
  • Hip 11 cm
  • Waist 12 cm
  • Chest 10 cm
  • Bicep 2 cm
  • Thighs up 8 cm
  • Thighs low 4 cm

And my size in clothes has changed from pants 44/42 to 40/38 Shirts from 40/38 to 38/36. Generally from mostly XL sometimes L to mostly M sometimes L.

I am surprised on both how ”easy” it was after I found my balance and then again how much work it has required to tone up after four kids. I have worked hard, don’t get me wrong, very hard and if you follow my blog or my Instagram feeds you would know how hard. Having always exercised at least a bit has probably also helped not to mention being determined and believing that I can do this.

I started this process already before I even knew about Kilimanjaro, but it surely has helped me knowing I have 15 kilos less to carry on top of that mountain!

Physical changes

What about other things how I noticed that there has been a change ? Few examples:

  • Average running speed has increased. Best 9,4 km/h!
  • Length of runs has increased. Best 17 k’s
  • Amount of kilometers accumulated per week has increased. I can do around 35-40 kilometers per week as opposed to 20-25 before
  • I am actually able to do chin-ups, well only a few but was not able to do any before!
  • I have no problem to do squats what so ever. Uphill training has paid off!
  • Walking up and down hills is no problem nowadays. Note I used to hate and avoid hills, now I specifically look for them!
  • I can easily climb the stairs in the subway without catching breath. This is something you notice in every day life.
  • I can jump over a fence just like that 😀 Hmm this I came across one day when I had to jump and was surprised how easy that was. I felt like a gazelle!

I feel so much stronger than before, somehow more alert and confident. I don’t get tired that quickly and can get up in the morning much easier which is probably due to rising iron levels. I am so happy we noticed the low hemoglobin on time and got it fixed!

Most of all I am grateful of the support that I have received (especially from my husband) and so proud of myself for being a bit stubborn and pushing through away from my comfort zone to get the results I wanted.

Happy new me, Happy New Year! <3

Read recap of my journey in My weight loss journey(s), part IV or if you wish to see how it all started check part I and part II.

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  1. Weight loss can be a difficult journey but it is a journey worth taking. With the right attitude and determination, you can successfully reach your goals and be proud of your accomplishments. Take it one day at a time and remember that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. With dedication, patience, and perseverance, you will be able to look back on your weight loss journey with pride and satisfaction.


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