About me

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My objective in modelling, TV/Movie work

💥 Help brands reach target audience by engaging modelling to generate leads to increase revenue

💥 Help producers save money on post-editing by providing quality modelling and acting = DIRTFT*

🎬 Appeared in 30+ Ad/TV/Movie in 2020-2022

👩‍💻 Degree in marketing, studies in Social Media mgmt, 20+ years in customer service

🎭 Modelling course 2019, Develop your role character course 2020-2021, Pro Speaker School 2020 and modelling already in 1997!

👉 Looking for new collaborations. I have some content and marketing ideas on what it could be. Contact me 📧 for info!

* ”Do it right the first time”

More about me

I have done modelling when I was younger and now that the children are a bit older I wanted to give it a try again so yes, after all these years I am modelling again and it feels like I never stopped. I love the camera and the camera seems to love me. It comes naturally to both of us so we like to hang around. I also like fashion, styling and colour play that make aesthetically nice combinations. A great photo is a great photo and what I aim for in my work (or video!). My sense of style and situation help the project to finish smoothly on time without extra hassle on explaining details. The ability to understand and follow director/photographer directions easily make me a valuable colleague in any photo/video project.

As for singing I am a ”serious amateur singer” and have been singing all my life. I have trained hard and different genres. I have found my good and my bad and polished them both. I have hard time keeping quiet and there is always a tune playing in my head. Some say I must love my own voice to keep singing all the time, well not really, I just like to train my vocal chords as much as possible and find (or make) some new tunes to train them with!

My motto #1 ”There is always room to learn” – Life is a journey and every day you can take one piece with you to the next day.

My motto #2 ”There is a time for everything” – For this moment, for the day before and tomorrow. It may feel hard at times, but nothing lasts forever.

My motto #3 ”Don’t waste your time trying to change the things you can’t control. Spend your time making the change to the ones you can”.

I work in Helsinki, Finland. Feel free to contact me in any modelling/tv-movie extra/singing opportunities you might find me suitable for. I have experience in photo model/runway model/movie-tv extra roles (also speaking roles) in addition to singing with bigger groups/choirs to smaller acapella/solo singing with band or just with piano/guitar.

I enjoy challenges and like to be involved and active so if you have a good idea let’s make it happen! Contact kati.kaarila (at) gmail.com


” Kiitos vielä mukanaolostasi projektissa, todella hienosti ja ammattimaisesti hoidit hommasi.” , Jari Kaatrasalo, YoungField Films Oy, 2020

👇 Check the relevant links below for photos and details of my experience 👇