Training Nov/Dec 20 – I can run! (and Yoga…)

It doesn’t sound a lot when you put my monthly exercise into stats, but compared to previous months things have improved a lot. I am now able to train without constant fear of pain and have managed to find some sort of balance.

I have done a lot of stretching, increased the amount of running and more importantly I’ve gone back to the forest. Trail running is back in my training regime which makes me very happy. This re-found joy of running in the forest has saved my days and kept me sane(r). I have even dared to run in the dark again.

Earlier I felt uncomfortable and afraid that I would trip . I did not trust my legs or agility at all a few months back, but now I am more confident and have dared to increase speed a bit.

We finally got some snow also late December which always lifts the spirits and what funny things you can come across on your trail run in the dark and snowy forest. For example my size big snowman!

Strangest things you find on your trail run 😃

In addition to running I have been doing yoga poses on my own and have done a lot of stretching. I have tried to avoid sitting too much and made sure I move enough during the workdays so I won’t be stuck on my work chair for too long. Not sure what causes what anymore, but have talked to other people ”my age” and physical changes seems to play a part in some of the symptoms . So this is a bit of trial and error so that I will learn to live with this ”new body” which is 17 kilos thinner and a lot older than before kids 😉

I also joined LesMills On demand service to get some training classes online which has been a really good idea. I have tried it now a few times and love the Yoga, Taichi, CXwork and stretching classes. I have not even logged all stretching and yoga with my sports watch but try to do them regularly so I won’t end up in the same situation (IT Band inflammation) as I did earlier this year.

November 2020 – 13 activities

  • Running 39,8 km total of which 9 times basic running 39 km and twice trail running 8 km
  • Hiking 14 km
  • Yoga once

December 2020 – 14 activities

  • Running 56 km total of which 8 times basic running 39 km and twice trail running 17 km, Trail running
  • Yoga 2 times
  • Circuit training 1 time

Now it’s new year and new tricks. Time to forget about 2020 and injuries. Just concentrate on the future and be happy that you can keep doing the things you love. Life is too short to get stuck on the obstacles of your own mind. Just do it!

Stay safe everyone!

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