100 published posts!

Wohou! 100 published posts! Time to celebrate.

When did that happen?

When have I had time to post 100 blog posts 🙂

When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what I would write or where it would head to. I just remembered that I loved writing when I was younger and wanted to continue it in some form. Me and my friend Susanne used to have these writing competitions where we chose a topic, a plot and we both either wrote about it or we wrote one page each and next page the other or similar. I have saved some of those and they wait in a box to which I always stumble upon when moving house. They make me smile when I read them <3

So I wanted to give writing a blog a chance in my schedule when I can. Decided to write about me getting ready for Kilimanjaro climb, about trail running and climbing high places since all that was part of my training , but now in more than a year it has evolved to have it’s own life so to speak.

During the year I published My Weight Loss Journey series and now I have been working on the Getting old(er) series and got a few other topics on my mind for the future. Earlier before summer I published my Portfolio page which has gotten actually most traffic . It was published mostly to combine all my ”not day job” experience together when applying for modelling/tv/movie extra gigs and it has worked well for it, but now it has become already ”too big” so will need to publish a v2 of it and simplify it a bit.

I have to though admit that I have not had time to write lately. It is a shame as I love writing and hope to be able to get more time to focus on that. So let’s see what my next 100 posts will be about, but it is so great that you are now reading this and joining my journey.

See you again in 100 (and more!) posts.

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