Lake District 3 peak challenge here we come!

Almost there. Passport packed and at the airport. Jiggles in the tummy and of course sore throat which I hope will pass with a good nights sleep. I do have a bit more in the suitcase than these though 🙂

Last few weeks with this leg have not been that good. I clearly need my dose of exercise or otherwise the house of cards seems to start falling. I’m too used to doing the same routine that now when I was forced to stay still I get very frustrated.

But now I am at the airport, made it here and off to Manchester soon. Never been there so I am very excited and not only because I get to climb high up again, but because…

I get to meet my #TeamUbuntu colleagues!

Feelings are a bit mixed as I am going to spend three days hiking with “strangers” and the original enthusiastic feeling kind of disappeared with the hurt leg, sore throat and the possibility of not being able to go at all crossed my mind. I am still not sure if I can go up the hill tomorrow it depends a lot on how today turns out.

I hope this sore throat won’t get worse and that all goes well. Weather forecast looks like it is going to rain (surprise, surprise) so we shall see. Rainproof gear is packed anyway so let it pour!

Here in Finland it is already as cold as it seems to be in Lake District but of course going upwards 1000 meters it will be colder and more exposed.

Just to add some color into this post here a few pics of Finnish Autumn in its beautiful color palette <3

Talk to you soon with a report from Keswick, United Kingdom!


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