Training -Midsummer in Finland – time to launch the site!

Here I am at my parents house in Finland waiting for my eldest son to arrive with train that was VERY late. Tomorrow we will head out to summer cottage for a few days for a well deserved break.

Getting ready for Kili has been a bit on halt due to the busy end of school year and other stuff. Spring has been way too busy but I managed to do my gym/run regime for a almost 1,5 months until I got sick.

Now after a week of being “ok” I am _thinking_ of maybe doing a run on the weekend in the forest at summer cottage. Certainly would need the time on my own in the middle of nothing.

Plan is to try and to increase oxygen intake slowly with some HIIT training and high hill spurts. Adding a bit of gym there should be a good start. Problem is time, how to fit all this into every day life hassle, we’ll see soon enough.

Now Midsummer festivities in Finland. Time of the summer solstice party where the sun and people do not sleep at night.


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