Training W29 – Full on hiking week!

Last week was a full on hiking week! We were both so excited to finally be on holiday and wanted to do all sorts of different thing so the week total was a bit high…

First hike was Taivaskero, second Saana, third Malla National park, fourth Bromorstinden and fifth Queen’s route.

I am so proud of myself that I was able to complete all these and feel really confident now that I physically do Kilimanjaro. I was pretty worn out after the 22 k hike, but one ”easier” day in between and I felt like I can keep going.

My heart rate dropped to normal quickly after each hike and although the monitor claimed recovery should be x hours I trust the minimum heart rate more, so when that is back to ”normal” minimum (which is 47 to 48 for me) I’m good to go again.

Needless to say this week was one of the high points of my life (literally also). We have visited many places we always wanted. Lapland for example, being a Finn and never been to Lapland was a bit embarrassing already, but now I have been there and will definitely go again. I totally fell in love with the peace and tranquility.

Training total

17 hours and 14 minutes, 54,72 kilometers, 6691 k cal, ascent 1758 m and descent 1845 meters No wonder I feel tired and I will never be able to top this in Helsinki that is for sure!

All training was hiking this week with some steep inclines and demanding trails so not that much variety in sports, but I have noticed that actually in these more demanding landscapes you need to use your whole body to get up or down. Knees and legs are also under a lot of pressure with descents, but I think that trail running has helped me and descents were good, no pain anywhere.

Going up has definitely improved also and we have actually passed people along the trails instead of them passing us as it used to be. I cannot not be anything else than very proud of my achievement and look forward to next week on holiday in the beautiful landscapes of Norway!

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