Training W28 – Holiday mode and learning to ride a bike

I am clearly in the holiday mode as I sleep until 9:30 am and and have done double the amount of training activities than normally.

Being on holiday with kids is fairly active and a full day job on its own. We have been to museums, Suomenlinna fortress island, Korkeasaari zoo, climbing in an outdoor activity park Korkee and most importantly we have been training to ride the bike without the training wheels!

The last of these activities has accumulated some extra k’s on my schedule and started to put my hr monitor on to log them while I am running beside the bicycle.

By the end of the week I didn’t even need to stop anymore and the little one is a real pro already. Good on ya girl!

Climbing in the activity park was fun again and didn’t feel as bad as before so all the training and weight loss since last summer has clearly made a difference.

This week we head out to our holiday trip do definitely more mileage ahead and gear testing!


Training 7 h/week, Trail running 7,5 k’s, Running 19,11 k’s where one 12,55 km long run which is the longest I have done for a while and HIIT run. Hiking 6 k’s, Walking 3,7 k’s (beside the bike so half running there too…) Ascent 416 m so clearly more than previous week. Most of this was accumulated at Sipoonkorpi hiking with kids. I am happy with the results although there was no gym training this week.


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