Training W26 – kick-off

Started training this week again after being sick. Managed to do a short 5k first run at summer cottage, got drenched and lost my sunglasses in the forest. Won’t post the zig-zag I did trying to find them and won’t calculate the ascent as my Suunto watch did not quite follow up with me up-and-down looking for them… Luckily the glasses were 12 years old (but the best!) and actually it was a relief they got lost and I did not have to throw them away as I might never have done that.

Second run was a national forest trail run. Not that good trail, very narrow and a bit of rain so slippery, but slowly does it. To the lake and back exactly 10 k’s.

It felt good and could have easily done more, but as this was more recreational (swim in the lake naturally!) and we did not have more time so decided to turn back at the second lake.

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Lovely spot for a swim (first lake on the trail)! @Salamanjärvi National Park

Third run was just a quick forest trail run, local outdoor gym stop combined with two up hill dashes. 41 minutes, one 50 m hill and one 90 m hill full speed up. This was my HIIT for the week.

Trail run @Kivikko

Typical trail run for me starts 20 meters from my house and is up and down these kinds of rugged trails between WWI trenches.

I have been running here for over a year now summer and winter so know the forest by heart, but if you are a first timer beware of the trenches! Some come around the corner pretty suddenly and are pretty deep. Will make a special post about ”my trail between the trenches” later with some pics.

Fourth run was a 5,6 km trail run again in the same familiar terrain starting right from my front door.

Weekly total

Altogether 4 trail runs, 347 m ascent and 23,83 km distance plus one gym session. Feeling is good, looking forward to next week!

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