Training – Other interests 01-02/21

Hard practise I tell you!

Clear to say I have not been so into blogging about training since this is my first training post this year. Why, I don’t know. I have been training, but maybe it’s because I have not had any clear goal that I have felt like ”I have nothing to say” which is not true at all! I have found despite of The virus a new hobby that I love, pole-dancing!

And how did I end up doing it? Well I was in a TV series shoot as a statist and one of the lead actresses Minka Kuustonen told me she had practised pole-dancing for three months for this scene and she was such a PRO. I was so inspired by her that I decided I want to give it a try because it also seemed like a good upper-body and core balance training anyway which I desperately needed.

So I joined a class at Pole4fit and have been going there ever since pretty much once a week apart from the restrictions in place every now and then during the spring. You cannot wear your sports watch there either so these will not be logged anywhere which is actually quite relieving! Only you can push yourself and only you know how hard you trained in the end.

I highly recommend the sports to anyone interested regardless of age!

What about running?

Training this summer has been HOT due to the heat!

I bet you are asking… Well thank you for asking, I am running pretty normal. I have noticed that it’s not that important to me anymore. Other hobbies like my modelling, pole-dancing and gym have replaced a lot of the k’s I used to do when running. The good part about this approach is that when I do run, I can go on for a long time or super fast in a short time. So in the end not sure if I am currently actually running the right amount or was I running too much before. Anyway every time I go running it feels enjoyable and super easy which is only about two times a week nowadays.

Very far from 25-35 km a week, but still doing something hey! And every time I try to push it too hard, my IT band injury begins to remind itself so I am concentrating still on getting my legs, core and butt in shape 😀

So I am happy. I am not counting kilometres, I am not counting how many times a week or month, I am just doing it by the feeling and enjoying it. I can already hear your thinking in the background saying about time you took it a bit easier sis and I must agree 😉

The funny thing is I keep increasing my speed although I don’t run as much and in general I find that I have so much more strength to hold my own body which surprises me sometimes. So I will keep this path for now and train ”smart” not ”hard” hoping result will lead to me being able to do some proper swan or superwoman moves with the pole and yes the handstand in the end.

Gym back in the picture too

One of my favourite butt, core crunches. As high as you can go is the aim!

Now that the restrictions have finally eased and I have been going back to the gym also and found completely new kind of motivation for it too. I am determined to increase my muscle mass and legs plus but are the main focus as to increase muscles you need weights. I have again added stair climber to my warm-up plus treadmill. Doing some upper body training also and a core, bootylicious or body pump type of training when it suits the schedule. Now because of summer holidays everything works in a bit different pace.

So with gym same applies ”smart” not ”hard”. I am trying to think that it’s better to do something than nothing and avoiding the ”I cannot walk” days changing them rather to ”I feel I have done something” days. So progress both physically and mentally just not in distance, but strength. So you are definitely already now looking at a stronger me!

Stay safe and take care!

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