Training W30 – Second hiking week

Second week of holiday so naturally more training than normally. Unfortunately I got a bit sick towards the end of the Lofoten islands visit so had to take easier for a few days. Still we did all the activities we had planned, maybe just a bit slower the two last hikes. I kept monitoring my heart rate to make sure it does not go too high and also that minimum rest rate is not higher.

Climbing up to get to Engabreen glacier, Norway through these narrow cracks in the cliffs

I was also a little afraid as I have pretty bad bunions on my feet that they would get sore, but they were fine even after long hikes. They never really bother me and I can perfectly well do trail running and such, but all new stuff and new shoes where the movement is a bit different is something that worries me. Well not anymore! I am now confident that I can do the challenge.

One thing that surprised me was how my feet did not get tired the same way they get tired when climbing the stairs although we went up the cliffs and hills all the time. It must be that it is still different kind of movement as when we went up stairs in a shopping mall my legs were killing me again. It has always been puzzling me why going up the metro (subway) stairs makes you catch your breath no matter how much you try exercise. Well I suppose it has gotten better in time, but not significantly I think.

Next week it is back to work and normal training routine. I am trying to do two gym sessions a week now as I need to use up my card which has still eight times left by end of August. In addition a few runs to go with it should do it.

Intention is also to watch a bit more what I eat, I would not mind losing a few kilos more so with good diet and twice to gym it should be possible. Hey the less you weigh the less you carry to the top of the mountain right?


4 hikes, 32,46 kilometers, ascent 1681 meters, descent 1774 meters.

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