Training W43 – New records and motivation is high

After so many weeks of not being myself it has been good to get back to regular (almost) schedule.

Best distance for 12 mins –> 2 kilometers

Running feels really easy so I am sure that my hemoglobin has gone up. I did a few shorter HIIT runs and one of them was my best distance for 12 minutes so called Coopers test was 2 kilometers. To give this achievement some context I started from 1,6 kilometers around May this year so 2019.

I cannot complain and am so proud of myself. I have tried so hard to improve my stamina in the past few months and it is great that there is some clear progress.

Weather has also turned a bit colder and leaves have fallen from the trees making trail running a bit slippery. Ice bug shoes help. I did a really good 8,8 kilometers trail run in the beginning of the week after the HIIT run, but could feel that since I have not been doing it for a while I did feel it on my knees and legs a bit. It just proves that I need to keep the trail running on my regime even though the winter is coming. Just need to be careful as it will get more slippery…

I was on a such good roll with running during last week that when I left for my long (usually around 10-12 kilometers) run Saturday afternoon I pretty quickly felt that hey this could be the day to reach a bit higher. Thought maybe 14, but 14 became 17 in the end. Around 15 kilometers I admit that my legs started hurting, but not so much that I could not go on. 14 kilometers has been my longest distance in past six months.

Best distance 17 kilometers

In the end it was a really good run and recovery was really quick. My legs were killing me when I stopped, but after a few hours felt hardly anything anymore so clearly progress there too.

I ended up doing my new record for longest distance 17 kilometers and the average speed was 7,4 kilometers per hour which is really good for me. Again so proud of myself and motivation is high.

Unfortunately I have not had time to go to the gym so I need to fix that ASAP next week!

All in all looking forward to next week when I will go and check my hemoglobin and also exited as I am clearly doing the right things as the progress is this good.


  • Running 27, 2 kilometers. One 17 k’s (best distance)
  • Trail running 8,8 kilometers
  • Gym none. Bad me, fix this ASAP next week
  • HIIT run two (5,1 and 4,7 k’s) of the runs were fast, slow, fast.
  • Two personal records broken. Best distance for 12 minutes 2 kilometers and best total distance 17 kilometers. Awesome!! *a pat on the back* <3

Training target

Would you like to support me to achieve my target?

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