Training W46 – Gym training in the form of moving house

Week 46 was the official ”house moving week”. We got the keys on Monday so started carrying stuff little by little during the week. I have been so busy that I have not even had time to think about training schedules. This week was purely dedicated to moving house so my training has consisted of carrying boxes of various size (yes a lot of banana boxes, we Finns move with banana boxes believe it or not) in addition to furniture of various sizes and shapes.

By the end of the week I was so tired and exhausted that there was absolutely no point in even training so concentrated on sleeping instead. Anyway if I am really nice to myself I would suppose I could say that I only missed one of my targets that being the HIIT training. Moving house should at least in my opinion count as Gym training…

Oh and if possible avoid moving house is my advice. I hope I do not have to move for the next ten years.

Next week we will clean up the old house and finally give away the keys to the new owners so easing off a bit finally. Also looking forward to getting to know my new neighborhood more closely next week. Something to definitely look forward to!


  • 1 Trail run 3 kilometers
  • 1 Basic run 10 kilometers
  • Carrying numerous amount of banana boxes from house A to B
  • Moving the same boxes from spot B to C in the new house
  • Moving the same boxes AGAIN from spot C to D
  • Guess what, probably moved the exact same boxes one more time from D to E
  • Carrying furniture so that my back is sore.
  • I would call this – Gym training check!


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