Training W47 – New neighborhood and new house

I cannot believe how quickly the past two weeks have gone! It seems just like yesterday when we accepted the offer of our house and balls started rolling. Then everything just boosted forward from 0 to 100 so that it was hard to keep up.

Next thing you know everything familiar is left behind and you are in this completely different strange neighborhood of which you do not know much about nor your way around yet. Kids’ school routes are completely different as mine do not go to public ”closest” school but English schools due to the Australian background.

So it’s not just the moving house it’s all else around it that makes the change ”big”. Anyway, we have managed to find good routes to everyone including me and are especially happy that the grocery store is only 100 meters away and there is also a service station open 24 hours only 100 meters away so I will never run out of milk for my morning coffee again!

I have been able to run a bit more with two longer runs, but still no gym training. Carrying stuff around in the house though and having painted two rooms I think it should be counted as some sort of training anyway!

My first run was to IKEA close by (4 km) to get new frying pans as the old ones did not work on the stove at the new house which is induction not ceramic.

Second run was a proper basic run getting to know the area around the beautiful river on our backyard. You could (I mean hubby could…) run all the way to the sea from here just following the riverside they say.

I also signed up for the close by gym only 400 meters away. They have group classes also so intention is to do a bit of varied training in the future and probably a bit more indoors running as when it gets below -10 I generally cannot run outside it just hurts my lungs too much, but that won’t happen until January and we do not even have snow yet so I would think we got about a month before it will be that cold to run outside.

Exiting times ahead and I am truly happy that the house moving project is now coming to an end and we can start concentrating on interior of the house and where to put stuff and yes of course training!


  • 2 basic runs one 8,7 kilometers to get frying pans and another 10 kilometers getting lost in the neighborhood and what a beautiful neighborhood it is (see feature image taken at 2:15 pm by the river side).
  • No Gym
  • No HIIT
  • But hey joined the local gym so that’s a good start!

Thank you everyone who has sponsored me so far!

This journey has already now been such a great soul searching path and I have learned so much on the way up!

You have no idea how much your support means to me so I want to thank everyone who is supporting, liking and commenting my progress. It all helps me to keep motivated, push harder and get to the finish line not just with my fitness goals but also with my fundraising goals. I am only around 400 EUR from my target which is all thanks to you!

So thank you everyone! Keep liking, watching, reading my blog, commenting and challenging me to get there.

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