Training – W11/2020 Easy week and virus getting closer

Getting back to “normal” training reminded me of how stiff my muscles are and realized something must be done so decided that I will start taking Yoga classes at my gym to get a bit more flexibility and stretching to my body. I have been training so hard in the past year that I have forgotten the importance of also taking some easier exercises and flexibility. My muscles are too tight and something must be done.

So went for a Yoga class after a long long break and it was a good choice. It reminded me of many good positions and general stretches I could do just after running. I thought I must keep doing this as it opens up the muscles and is relaxing.

Did a couple of runs also, but wasn’t able to do longer ones due to my left leg muscles being probably too tight causing pain on the ligaments around the knee. It eased after rest day and was probably caused by sudden up and down hopping on a trail in the forest after a long while. It was not a long run, but after Kili it seems my muscles are not that used to that sideways movement you get running in the forest.

Atop a cliff close to my house. Good uphill training running up here.

Anyway hoping that next week I could do more trail running as I miss my forest visits. Also my training plan is starting a bit clearer what I could aim for and fit to my week. Yoga or similar flexibility/stretching has to be a part of it and trail running.

Covid-19 is also getting closer during the week (11) and there are some cases in Finland. It’s starting to get more serious and I have been working from home which changes the daily schedule also a bit.


  • 1 walk 3,96 kilometers
  • 2 run 3,45 kilometers + 6,1 kilometers of which partly Trail running
  • 1 Yoga class 1 hour


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