Training – W12/2020 Covid-19 is here, gyms are closed

The virus found Finland also and is spreading faster. Government is reacting to it accordingly and encouraging self isolation and avoiding social meetings and places. Private entrepreneurs are doing their best to avoid it from spreading like we all are so my gym closed it’s doors for now. You are encouraged to keep children at home if you can so I have had my 6 year old with me (I have continued working from home) and the older ones with their father.

Training has obviously changed to mostly outdoor training and I have been running a lot this week. I have done two trail runs in the close by Sipoonkorpi National Forest, which is my favourite place around here and I already know the forest by heart. Or so I thought I did… Ran out of battery on my phone just when I was not quite sure where I am around 8k mark and then of course put on the “find back” function on my sports watch, but due to some habitation suddenly in front of me, I had to find an alternative route and was for a while on an “unknown territory”. Good sense of directions helps always so when you can just directly through the woods again and ended up exactly where I wanted in the end, but my 12 k’s became 14 k’s…

Found some nice new trails though and glacial remnants…

Since the gym is now closed decided to go and get some extra training equipment to be able to do some gym sessions at home, but a lot of weights and similar were already out of stock from the shops and did not have time to go and haunt for them so the ones I found will have to do in addition to what I already had. So next month my training will be done with kettle bells, step board, power wheels, functional trainer, gym ball, resistance rubber bands and training mats (also got boxing bag, but don’t really use and chip up bar which I do use regularly). I also intend to take use of the many outdoor training spots we have around here.

So strange times ahead trying to understand what is happening around here, staying indoors avoiding human contact with everyone else apart from your family. Let’s see how it goes.


OK so I ended up running A LOT more this week than I thought. This was probably my way to get rid of the stress caused by the situation in the world and around here in Finland also. I ran altogether 36 kilometers which is 10-12 more than normally.

It sort of just accumulated mostly because I needed to get out of the house. The extra kilometers suddenly after Kili backfired next week like these always do. There is never a healthy day for an athlete is there…

  • 2 Trail runs. One 14,20 kilometers and another 6.95 kilometers
  • 3 Basic runs. One 5,10 kilometers, second 3.22 kilometers and third 6,26 kilometers

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