Training – W13/2020 Running too much?

Week started with a nice 12,2 kilometers run/walk/stair climbing combo on a sunny afternoon. After running 36 kilometers the previous week and now this on top my legs called it quits. I normally run max 25 kilometers a week so I had run almost twice that much in one week so no wonder my legs were killing me.

I began getting this weird pain on the outer part of my left knee which it did not hurt during the run, but after it. I almost felt like I am going to lose feeling of the leg and could hardly put any weight on it. It passed fairly quickly though, so thought it was just too much strain on it and it would be ok in a few days.

Took it easy for a few days and only did some light circuit training at home. Our gym has some really nice online training programs, so decided to give one of them a try. During that I felt a bit of pain on the leg again, especially when I was doing some movements sideways, so came to the conclusion it must be the long trail run previous week where I have strained or twisted my knee a bit hopping over rocks and branches.

So decided no more training for the remainder of the week to let my leg rest and only did a few walks which felt fine. There was no pain on my leg after those.

I am hoping that next week I could train more and this ,”whatever pain it is”, will go away quickly because I really need my running during this covid-19 time being otherwise indoors the whole day.


  • 1 run/walk/stair climbing 12,2, kilometers
  • 2 walks, one 4,6 kilometers and one 3.07 kilometers
  • 1 circuit training at home

Training plan

Still no plan… working on it. I think I need more flexibility, maybe my leg is hurting because my muscles need a bit of TLC or maybe my tendons need stretching or maybe some nerve is entrapped again. Go figure… no plans anyway until I know what I can and what I cannot do.

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