Training – W6/2020 Last week training

Last week of training before Kili. Not that I can make any changes anymore but wanted to train a bit more since when in Kili I know I won’t be able to go for a run or gym at all. I am so used to running that the possibility of not being able to run for a few weeks feels a bit daunting

I was happy being able to train a bit more and am looking forward to finally going to Tanzania next week. I am ready with all gear and have been able to train for Kilimanjaro challenge as planned sticking pretty well with my training plan.

I have improved my stamina, endurance and oxygen intake just as intended so I could not be more proud of my achievement *a pat on my back*.


  • Running 23 kilometers
  • Stair climer once to 50 floors
  • Cross trainer 11 minutes
  • 1 gym training

Training plan

No plan… just run and climb as high as you can 🙂

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