Training – W9/2020 Back home and back to training

I was full of energy to go running and to the gym after I got back from Kili. I thought I could just return to normal, but it seemed like my body had other thoughts.

I went for a few runs, but was totally exhausted after them and they were not even very hard runs. I remember that my eyes hurt because I was so tired in the evening and had hard time staying awake.

So I did not really enjoy training and it felt like my shoes had extra iron weights or something. I thought that Kili would have increased my endurance like usually these kind of hard training periods do, but there was no improvement in sight on the contrary.

So thought it might be the Anti Malaria pills. Or maybe the journey to Kili and back was actually much more strenuous than I thought it would be?


  • Running two runs 5,32 kilometers and 9,27 kilometers
  • One gym session
  • Once run on treadmill 2,2 kilometers

Training plan

  • No plan yet, suggest me one! I need to tone up!

Next week I am hoping that training will feel good or at least normal. Now my body has felt so weird and not like my usual self. I am looking forward to getting back to routine training and hopefully I will find ”good flow” when training next week then.

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