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Kilimanjaro Challenge Training

Training – W8/2020 Summit day and downhill

Second week was more trekking again up and down. We reached the highest altitude to everyone and also went almost 2000 meters down to get off the mountain. This last week was physically very demanding due to the altitude sickness symptoms, but also going downhill was in a way hard because we were going faster …

Kilimanjaro Challenge Training

Training – W7/2020 Trekking, trekking and trekking

The amount of trekking we did was admirable and not just in kilometers but in altitude. I was surprised how much more calories you consume going uphill than what you would on flat ground. Probably altitude gain has something to do with it also as at least my heart rate started to increase the higher …

Kilimanjaro Challenge

Kilimanjaro – Day 3/10 – From Rongai gate to Simba camp

Woke up 7 am before the alarm. I had everything organized already so quick “last” shower (there are no showers on the mountain except downhill at Horombo camp 5 nights and 6 days from now…) and off to breakfast. Few photos at the lodge of everyone and their baggage and off to the bus for …