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Kilimanjaro Challenge

Getting the gear together – Testing results after Lapland/Norway trip

Our summer holiday trip was intended to be also a sort of testing trip for the gear. Wanted to test the equipment and of course wear the shoes in so I won’t have problems at Kili. Second reason was to test physically if I can do hikes multiple days in a row. Also never walked …

Finding high places

Finding high places – Munkebu, Moskenes, Lofoten, Norway

Last day in Lofoten islands and the intention was to find a nice longer hike somewhere high… surprise, surprise! As the car park for the trail head was full and the roads are too narrow to park along the road we started looking at other options and noticed that you can actually get to the …

Finding high places

Finding high places – Bromorstinden, Tromso, Norway

We were going to have a “rest day” after the 22 kilometers hike the day before but after breakfast we started already looking for “easy” hikes around the area. Found this absolutely amazing view point about 1 hour drive away from Tromso called Bromorstinden. On the way we encountered reindeer again. This guy was not …