Training W31 – Easy rest week

After all that hiking and work starting it was obvious I could not do the amount of training I did earlier two weeks. Decided that I will do what I can, but no pressure and no tight schedules. Last thing you need when starting work again after holiday and kids going back to school is anything extra to stress about like training.

The week was a well deserved rest week with a bit of activity anyway. Did quite a lot of stretching too since my legs were pretty stiff and sore from strange places after moving from hiking boots to high heels again. There was still a bit of running after the bike (my daughter is learning to ride the bike without training wheels), but I reckon next week I will need to start cycling alongside since I simply cannot run much faster anymore and she is so good already!

I have lately also begun to stop at the local outdoor gym areas. It is really great that they build these kind of places. They are an easy way to get a bit of weight training while passing by. Next time I will grab a photo.

Let’s see how next week goes. This week definitely was a battery recharge and stretching week!


17 kilometers, 5 activities and 4 hours. These 5 activities consisted of one gym session and rest are short basic runs and trail runs. Ascent whopping 265 meters 😀 (only 1386 meters less than last week!)

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